RV Covers

Wide Variety of Custom RV Cover Options

Protect your RV with a custom cover from Superior Structures while you’re not driving on the open road. Don’t let the elements affect your RV during the off-season. Outdoor elements can take their toll not only on the look of your vehicle but on its performance as well.

If you’re in the market for a boat or RV, you’re going to need a good place to store your RV during the off-season. We are a family and locally owned and operated business with a local installation crew that uses 100% American-made materials.

Our RV covers are large enough to cover a 40′ RV, a towing vehicle and a car. Our RV covers are 20′ X 24′ X 12′ sidewall.

Stamped engineered drawings on all our work are provided. We can have your RV cover built within a matter of days! A lifetime warranty on sheet metal and paint is included. Senior citizens, veterans, firefighters, police and paramedics get discounts with us! 

Contact Superior Structures about building a good place to store your RV!