Custom Garages

Get a Sound Custom Garage From the Pros

If you’re looking for a custom garage installation, look no further than Superior Structures. We are preferred structure contractors for Georgia and eastern Alabama.

Whatever you have in mind for your custom garage build, you’ll benefit from our more than 27 years of custom garage creation experience when you work with us. We can have your custom garage structure up within a matter of days!

We offer a lifetime warranty on metal and paint and provide stamped engineered drawings with all our work. We manufacture all materials for a reliable, quality American-made custom garage. Senior citizens, veterans, firefighters, police and paramedics get discounts with us. For a FREE, immediate estimate, contact us today.

Choose the Roof Pitch You Want

Superior Structures can build any roof pitch you need for your custom garage including:

  • 3/12 roof pitch
  • 5/12 roof pitch
  • 7/12 roof pitch