Low-Maintenance Barndominiums

In the Georgia and eastern Alabama areas, more homebuyers are turning toward barndominium life. Barndominiums provide the perfect mix of living quarters and recreational space to entertain friends and family members. They are affordable, require low maintenance, and are energy-efficient metal buildings.

Benefits include:

– Steel barndominiums are more energy efficient than conventional wood frame construction

– Steel exteriors have less maintenance cost and upkeep over the life of the barndominium

– Increased durability with our high-quality building materials providing better insurance rates

– Steel structures are easier to repair than wood, resulting in fewer lifetime repair costs

We manufacture all materials for a reliable, quality American-made product. Stamped engineered drawings on all our work are available. We offer a lifetime warranty on sheet metal and paint.Let us put our more than 27 years of industry experience to work for you. Senior citizens, veterans, firefighters, police and paramedics get discounts with us!



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